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Fortis Life Sciences Expands its International Presence

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Fortis Life Sciences, a provider of high-quality reagents and custom services for discovery, development, and manufacturing, has expanded its international presence by opening an office in Seoul, South Korea.

South Korea's pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and life science industry has grown to become one of the most comprehensive markets in Asia-Pacific, with increased demand from within and outside the region. Therefore, this strategic milestone is a significant development to bolster Fortis’ commitment to serving the Asian marketplace and increasing its personal connection with this customer base.

Fortis appointed Young K. Yun, PhD as APAC's Vice President and General Manager. Dr. Yun will run the Fortis Korea headquarters in Seoul, Korea. Brian Kim, CEO of Fortis, remarked, "I am honored to announce that Young Yun is joining Fortis as Vice President and General Manager of APAC and establishing our regional HQ in Seoul, Korea. Young brings a wealth of regional and industry—both MNC and start-up—experience making him uniquely qualified for this important role."

"With the expanded global demand and sophisticated supply chain in life science, diagnostic, and therapeutic markets, Fortis Life Sciences is answering scientists’ requests for faster turnaround time, the highest product quality, the best customer experience, and reliable scientific support," said Dr. Yun. "We are excited to partner with leading diagnostic and life science companies in the region that have a proven track record of delivering the most innovative products to biomedical researchers and clinicians at a global level."