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Gentra Launches Versagene™ RNA Blood Kit

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Gentra has announced the launch of Versagene RNA purification Kit for Tempus blood collection tubes. Gentra's Versagene technology employs proprietary chemistry for the purification of RNA; free of genomic DNA, protein and other enzymatic inhibitors.

In tandem with the Applied Biosystems Tempus blood collection tubes, the Versagene method provides a means for obtaining RNA for use in downstream applications - including RNA microarrays, quantitative RT-PCR and real-time PCR assays.

The Versagene chemistry was developed to provide the clinical and life sciences industries with a reliable and consistent method for obtaining pure RNA and DNA across a broad spectrum of sample types.

"The Versagene RNA Blood Kits for Tempus tubes are ideally suited for isolating the high quality RNA required for highly sensitive assays used in the Pharmacological and Clinical Diagnostic industries," says Stephen Rundlett, Versagene product manager for Gentra.

"Researchers can routinely obtain superior RNA yields with higher purity than what is obtained using other blood stabilization products."

Sample preparation is performed using a straightforward method on the laboratory bench without the need for a fume hood. Rigorous testing has shown that the sample preparation failure rate approaches zero.

In addition, since Versagene reagents contain no chaotropic reagents, waste can be discarded without hazardous materials requirements.

In addition to the Versagene RNA for Blood for Tempus tubes kits, Gentra markets Versagene RNA purification kits for whole blood, cultured cells, tissue and fibrous tissue as well as Versagene DNA purification kits for whole blood and cultured cells.