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GMP Compliant Materials and Support for ATMP Manufacturing

GMP compliant products and services.
Credit: AMSBIO.
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AMSBIO is dedicated to helping its customers seamlessly translate their cutting-edge research into production products for clinical therapy. A comprehensive new resource has been added to the website, where you will find links to all the information you need on how AMSBIO can help you better understand and set up a GMP manufacturing process.

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In addition to a complete list of GMP compliant products and services, the new section includes an informative ‘Guide to GMP,’ a GMP reference area, and a link to AMSBIO custom services which have GMP compliant options to suit your needs. AMSBIO also offers support for your change control procedures and quality risk management.

AMSBIO has developed robust quality control processes and trained staff to meet strict GMP regulations. To streamline the clinical translation process and ensure traceability, all required information including FDA-registered Drug Master Files are now available on request.