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Heat Seals for PCR, Storage and Life Science Applications

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Porvair Sciences, specialists in microplate technology, has announced a new range of aluminium heat seals for PCR, storage and life science applications.

The new foils are engineered to an exact thickness and come color-coded to enable identification of the different types. In addition, the pre-cut foil sheets are marked to ensure that they are always used the right way up, thus minimizing possible damage to the sealing head of a thermal heat sealer which can occur when a foil is inserted the wrong way up.

Four different foils have been released: 229480 is a 20 micron foil, color coded green, designed for very easy piercing by robotic liquid handling or pipette tips ; 229471 is a re-sealable 38 micron foil, color coded blue, that is easily pierced as well as peelable; 229470 is a 70 micron non-piercable foil, color coded red, that offers good tear strength and has pealed polyester backing ; 229482 is a 85 micron foil, color coded black, for heavy duty  use including storage and transport applications.

The new Porvair aluminium foils offer ease of use and application benefits when compared to traditional thermal foils and may be used with most commercially available heat sealers.