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High Performance PCR from Finnzymes

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Finnzymes has created a tripartite solution that improves nearly every measurable aspect of PCR. High Performance PCR combines highly processive proofreading Phusion™ DNA Polymerases, high-speed Piko™ Thermal Cyclers, and ultra-thin walled UTW™ tubes and plates. This integrated solution was developed to give unbeatable synergistic benefits to the researcher. In comparison to conventional PCR, High Performance PCR provides faster protocols, accurate and specific amplification yet excellent yields. High Performance PCR also brings savings in protocol time, bench space, reaction volume, and per-run cost.


  • Speed – Significantly faster than any other combination
  • Fidelity – Superior accuracy over Taq and Pfu based systems
  • Yield – Higher efficiency amplification results in more product
  • Specificity – Reduced levels of primer-dimers and false-primed products