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High-Resolution Digital Imaging with Cedex HiRes from Roche Innovatis

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Roche Innovatis has launched Cedex HiRes, the new generation of image-based Cedex Cell Counter and Analyzer systems for automated cell culture analysis.

Cedex HiRes measures cell density, viability, aggregation rate, cell morphology, and cell debris using the Trypan Blue exclusion method, with high-resolution digital image recognition.

The exceptional image quality allows deeper insights into even the subtlest changes in a cell culture, such as monitoring baculovirus transfections for protein production via measurement of cell diameter changes. Designed to work in a production environment while strictly adhering to quality guidelines, Cedex HiRes uses software with extensive capabilities for data management and control to ensure compliance with all current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) regulations.

New instrument features account for reduced operator time and increased analytical accuracy. Up to 20 individual samples of 300 µl each are handled by the multi-sampler. Cell staining and mixing tasks are fully automated, as are focus adjustments.

Cedex HiRes produces images with pixel resolution of 0.8 µm, enabling the distinction of objects with a distance of less than 2 µm to each other. Detectable cell diameter range is 2 µm – 40 µm, and object diameter range of 1 µm – 90 µm. Digital image recognition allows for permanent storage of acquired data.

Developed in close collaboration with customers, the Cedex HiRes features Cedex 2 Software that simplifies the visualization, transfer and storage of the most elaborate data sets for true automation in cGMP regulated environments. Through its Systems Suitability Test (SST), Roche Innovatis provides consumables and maintenance protocols that allow users to routinely verify and document system quality and ensure measurement performance.