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IDT Enhances miRCat Small RNA Cloning System

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Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) has announced a number of new advancements to its flexible miRCat™ small RNA cloning system. The updated kit is now permitting the cloning of small regulatory RNAs (miRNAs, piRNAs, siRNAs, etc) from any cellular source in any species.

What is more, the kit now includes the innovative Performa® Spin Columns from Edge Biosystems. Featuring a fully hydrated gel matrix, the columns provide a simple method for recovering extremely pure RNA from denaturing PAGE gels.

The IDT miRCat small RNA cloning system is compatible with the majority existing relevant laboratory protocols, making it an essential tool for any small RNA research laboratory.

Dr. Mark Behlke, Chief Scientific Officer at IDT commented, “By decreasing the overall protocol time and adding the Performa Spin Columns, the miRCat kit now offers researchers an excellent system for creating small RNA libraries quickly and consistently”.

Based upon a pre-activated adenylated oligonucleotide linkering method, the miRCat cloning system consists of three sequential protocols: RNA isolation and enrichment, cloning linker attachment, and amplification and cloning.

Furthermore, the miRCat-33™ option has been developed for the purpose of performing experiments in which a 5’ ligation-independent step is required. Specific primers are also available to convert the resultant small RNA libraries using Roche/454 Life Science sequencing systems.