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IDT Further Expands its qPCR Offering for Screening Applications

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Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), has added additional flexibility to its PrimeTime™ qPCR product offering. In order to provide greater user input, customers can now customize the Standard and XL qPCR Assays by specifying the dye and quencher pair used on the probe and the ratio of primer to probe.

These new PrimeTime scale features work in combination with the existing versatility offered across the PrimeTime range, including the ability to set the design parameters, select exon spanning sites to reduce genomic contamination, and view the primer and probe sequences prior to purchase.

PrimeTime qPCR assays are 5’ nuclease assays consisting of a forward and reverse primer along with a dual-labelled probe. The assays are shipped lyophilized with all components in a single tube and with enough reagents for 500 (Standard) or 2500 reactions (XL). The use of a fluorescent probe, as opposed to an intercalating dye, eliminates inaccuracies associated with primer dimers or non-specific binding. Fluorescence is detected only when the probe is cleaved by the polymerase action of the elongation phase.

In addition to the PrimeTime Standard and XL qPCR assays, IDT also offers the PrimeTime Mini qPCR assay (100 reactions) for small scale, screening purposes. All three assay scales are available to order through IDT’s RealTime PCR design tool.