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IDT Launches oPools™ Oligo Pools – the Longest, Highest Fidelity, and Ready-to-use Custom Oligo Pools on the Market

IDT Launches oPools™ Oligo Pools – the Longest, Highest Fidelity, and Ready-to-use Custom Oligo Pools on the Market content piece image
Image credit: IDT
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Continuing its mission to advance biological research worldwide, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) has launched oPools™ Oligo Pools – ready-to-use pools of high quality DNA oligonucleotides (oligos) up to 350 nucleotides in length. Thanks to its industry-leading proprietary oligo manufacturing processes and 30 years of dedication to exceptional quality products, IDT is able to provide oligo pools unparalleled in uniformity at yields that accelerate experiments by eliminating the need for time-consuming and bias-producing PCR amplification steps required by other commercially available oligo pools.

Pooled oligos are widely used in high-throughput workflows in synthetic biology, diagnostic development, and drug discovery. For optimum performance, such pools must be uniformly comprised of full-length oligos of the highest possible fidelity (oligos of correct sequence and length). IDT’s proprietary manufacturing platform produces long oligos more accurately, rapidly, and reliably than any other DNA synthesis platform, enabling timely delivery of the highest fidelity and most uniform oligonucleotide pools available. oPools industry-leading low error rate of less than 1 in 2000 nucleotides, coupled with high per oligo yields, allow researchers to proceed immediately and confidently into their downstream workflows for projects including CRISPR library construction, protein screening, and gene assembly. For synthetic biologists, quick access to affordable, high-quality oligo pools that can go directly into their pipeline without the hands-on time required for PCR amplification allows for faster and more impactful “Design, Build, Test” cycles so critical to discovery.

Early adopters of the product offering have benefitted from the high-quality oPools™ for their applications, including ArcherDX, a molecular technology company dedicated to developing breakthrough solutions that advance personalized genomic medicine. Josh Stahl, Chief Scientific Officer of ArcherDX, commented, “ArcherDX evaluated several comparable product offerings from array-based providers, and the oPools from IDT were the best solution available to deliver the performance, speed, and ease-of-use necessary to meet our exacting requirements.”

Unlike other suppliers that opt for array or silicon chip-based batch synthesis, IDT employs a unique, solid-support manufacturing platform that individually synthesizes every oligo. This delivers the highest percentage of full-length DNA in the industry. IDT’s manufacturing approach also ensures that each species of oligo is represented and at greater uniformity in the resulting pool allowing for a more complete experiment downstream. For IDT, 95% of sequences in oPools™ Oligo Pools are represented within 1.5x of the mean, compared to 90% within 4x of the mean for a comparative supplier.

Trey Martin, President of IDT, commented, “IDT has historically avoided the traditional pools market due to our capacity being fully booked. Two years into our 6th-generation synthesis platform, we have alleviated all capacity concerns and are thrilled to offer our unique take on oligo pools. They leverage the ultra-high fidelity of IDT synthesis to give heretofore unobtainable experimental results from the traditional microarray-driven approach. We have been in beta testing for six months and customers are delighted with the results. Our pool deliveries are in picomoles, eliminating the need to do any pre-amplification or other pre-work before the pool can be used. With lengths up to 350 bases and error rates below one per 2kB, these are the same oligos that IDT relies on for our own high-throughput gene assembly processes.”

IDT’s oPools™ are ready-to-run, affordable pools of customized single-stranded DNA sequences between 40-350 nt in length. There is no minimum order, pools are compatible with downstream cloning methods, and have a short turnaround time of just four to seven business days from ordering to delivery. oPools™ unparalleled concentration, uniformity, and low error rates assure high target specificity and provide researchers with the utmost confidence in results.