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IDT Newsletter Helps Users ‘Find Out First’

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Each quarter, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) releases the latest version of its DECODED newsletter.

Each issue contains everything from interesting summaries and interviews about the latest academic research findings, to applications overviews, laboratory tips, and the latest product news.

A column entitled ‘Find Out First’ provides users with an exclusive first look at a new IDT product or update. Featured in this quarter’s issue are new IDT Click-Chemistry-Generated, Internal Dye-Labeled Oligonucleotides.

These molecules are synthesized using ‘Click Chemistry’, a method by which complex oligos can be built subunit by subunit in a modular fashion.

This approach yields reaction products that are physiologically stable and stereospecific, providing an excellent option when traditional methods might generate less than optimal results.

More information can be found by downloading the latest edition of DECODED from the IDT website, or by signing up to receive an issue every quarter via email or post.