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IDT Offers a Complete Range of Gene Silencing Products

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Integrated DNA Technologies offers a comprehensive range of customizable products for RNA interference (RNAi) applications.

The Screening Dicer-substrate siRNA (DsiRNA) provides researchers with a cost-effective and quick solution for their RNAi requirements.

IDT’s DsiRNAs are chemically synthesized 27-mer RNA duplexes optimised for Dicer processing and incorporation into the RISC complex, resulting in an increase in potency.

IDT’s Pre-designed library includes over 3,000,000 DsiRNAs designed against human, mouse, rat, cow, dog, chicken and chimp transcriptomes within RefSeq, enabling the production of DsiRNAs to meet the majority of user requirements.

When developing pre-designed DsiRNA duplexes, site selection is first performed using a proprietary algorithm with novel design rules.

The sequences are subsequently screened to minimize the potential for cross-hybridization and off-target effects, while sequences containing any known small nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) or alternatively spliced exons are eliminated.

IDT therefore offers two variants of predesigned DsiRNA duplexes: splice common and splice specific. Splice common duplexes target all known variants of a gene in RefSeq and 8 - 10 duplexes are available for each target gene.

Splice specific duplexes target exons present in particular splice variants, making them ideal for researchers targeting specific isoforms.

Further to the range of pre-designed products, IDT offers researchers custom DsiRNA, RNAi duplex oligos, custom RNAi design as well as antisense oligos.

Produced on IDT’s proprietary high-throughput synthesis platform, the process has been designed to assure a high quality product at a low cost. Facilitating ease of use, custom orders can be placed via the user-friendly SciTools interface.