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Illumina Introduces Software Advancements with Genome AnalyzerIIx Sequencing System

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Illumina, Inc. has announced breakthrough software advancements for its sequencing platform that enable real time analysis and provide a reduction in computing infrastructure requirements. These software improvements, in combination with the new Genome AnalyzerIIx, enable researchers to increase their sequencing output up to 65% relative to the Genome AnalyzerII.

According to Illumina, breaking from the industry trend, where increased data output requires increased computing power and infrastructure, it is simplifying computing and data processing by enabling base calling and quality assessment on the instrument control workstation.

“Sequencing output generated by researchers using Illumina technology continues to expand rapidly. These advances in Genome AnalyzerII informatics represent the latest milestone on the path for researchers to generate 95 gigabases of data per run by year’s end,” said Scott Kahn, Chief Information Officer at Illumina.

“With the increase in data output, there has been a corresponding increase in demand for computing infrastructure. We are reversing this trend by maximizing the amount of sequence information that can be extracted from a run while minimizing the computational burden. The result is a simplified data management process that will support the increasing pace of biological research,” Kahn added.

The latest Genome AnalyzerIIx innovations enable increases in data output and quality and represent an important milestone in the development roadmap for scaling the Genome Analyzer presented by Illumina at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology meeting in February.

The new developments streamline workflow from sample prep to data analysis, increase data output and quality and expand the applications that researchers can perform with the Genome Analyzer. The new software will be available May 12, 2009.