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Illumina Introduces the Next Generation of iSelect® Custom Genotyping

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Illumina, Inc. has announced its next generation of iSelect custom genotyping products that allow researchers to design custom arrays containing from 3,000 up to 1,000,000 markers, with the flexibility to add supplemental content to their array designs.

The additional marker and add-on content capabilities enable researchers to draw on the latest advances from genome-wide association studies, next-generation whole-genome sequencing, and exome sequencing studies for variant confirmation, fine mapping, and target validation. Next generation iSelect also delivers the flexibility in plexity, pricing, and content that applied markets need to transition to the latest genomic tools.

"Next generation iSelect custom genotyping will facilitate more data generation, and at a lower price that will make our Infinium® assay available to a market segment not able to access it previously," said Christian Henry, General Manager of Life Sciences at Illumina.

"We are especially excited about the product's new add-on content capabilities, which will allow customers to design new content for their existing custom arrays using markers found through ongoing GWAS and sequencing efforts. This feature is unique to Illumina's custom high-density arrays and provides a significant benefit to customers who want to add newly discovered content after the initial design period is completed", continues Henry.

iSelect custom genotyping arrays provide:

• Accurate and powerful data. The proven Infinium assay enables specificity and selectivity for more robust genotype calls and industry-leading data quality.

• Flexible design. Researchers can design arrays with content from any source and any species, as well as add content after the initial design is complete.

• Relevant custom content. Illumina's proprietary Assay Design Tool allows researchers to design arrays with the most relevant SNPs, CNVs, and insertions/deletions.

• Fast and cost-effective genotyping. Illumina's 24-sample iSelect format allows researchers to process thousands of samples per week, decreasing time to results.