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Invitrogen Launches Human Stem Cell cDNA Libraries

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Invitrogen Corporation announced the launch of its SuperScript® Human Stem Cell cDNA Libraries. The high-quality cDNA libraries consist of complimentary DNA isolated from commonly used, well-characterized human embryonal carcinoma (hEC) and human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines.

These libraries have limitless uses as a reference set of stem cell genes and can be used for gene discovery, PCR analysis, the construction of cDNA arrays and functional screening.

Invitrogen uses advanced full-length cDNA library construction techniques with SuperScript III reverse transcriptase for first strand synthesis and clones the cDNA into the Gateway®-compatible expression vector pCMV-Sport6.1.

With the SuperScript Human Stem Cell cDNA Libraries, researchers can begin to characterize key genes in the stem cell lines, allowing for the identification of the gene expression profile at various stages of cell development.