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Invitrogen Launches Serum-Free Media Optimized For Human Mammary Epithelial Cell Culture

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Invitrogen Corporation announces the availability of GIBCO® HuMEC Serum-Free Medium optimized specifically for culture of human mammary epithelial cells.

This serum-free medium is formulated with known concentrations of proteins, growth factors, and other supplements to ensure consistent lot-to-lot performance, making it the best choice for researchers using human mammary epithelial cells to understand the biochemical pathways involved in breast cancer progression.

cDNA microarray studies indicate that culture of human mammary epithelial cells in GIBCO® HuMEC Serum-Free Medium yields gene expression profiles comparable to culture in serum-supplemented mammary epithelial cell culture media, allowing for results representative of normal physiological conditions, but overcoming the drawbacks of lot-to-lot serum variability and high background noise contributed by non-specific proteins contained in serum.