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Isohelix and AutoGen Announce Supply Agreement To Integrate DNA Extraction Workflows

Isohelix and AutoGen Announce Supply Agreement To Integrate DNA Extraction Workflows content piece image
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Isohelix, a provider of DNA and RNA sampling and purification products, and AutoGen, Inc., a provider of nucleic acid extraction automation, have signed a far-reaching supply agreement. This follows the successful validation of the Isohelix GeneFix™ range of saliva collection products on the AutoGen FlexSTAR and FlexSTAR+ DNA extraction workflows.

GeneFix™ is an easy-to-use saliva collection device designed to maximize the yield and quality of DNA and RNA, whilst offering long term stabilization at room temperature. Now these devices readily integrate into the FlexSTAR workflow, aiding the automated processing of larger volumes (4ml) of saliva. These protocols have been developed to produce high-quality genomic DNA (gDNA) yields using either the AutoGen or Isohelix automated chemistries.

Tom Hole, CEO of Isohelix, commented, "It became rapidly apparent, that by combining both companies’ expertise in chemistry and engineering, we quickly optimized the workflows for both saliva and buccal swabs, offering technical and commercial advantages for processing high numbers of samples. GeneFix™ Saliva DNA/RNA collectors offer an immediate collection, stabilization and transport device that easily integrates into extraction platforms and provides high quality nucleic acid for all downstream applications.”

AutoGen’s FlexSTAR workflows are designed for the fully automated isolation of gDNA from large volumes of whole blood, buffy coats, saliva, cultured cells, and other samples. These workflows provide pure gDNA isolation from primary tube to DNA storage tube that are immediately ready for laboratories specific downstream requirements.

Michael Messier, CEO of AutoGen said, “AutoGen has been a leading provider of automated nucleic acid extraction platforms, including automation, support, and consumables, for more than 20 years. It is exciting to also now grow into the collection of saliva samples paired with our uniquely optimized chemistries both on a fully automated or manual workflow.”