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Kalexsyn and BioRelix Announce Extension of Collaboration to Identify Anti-Bacterial Drug Candidates

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Kalexsyn, Inc. and BioRelix, Inc., has announced that they have entered into an agreement in which KALEXSYN will provide medicinal chemistry services to drive BioRelix's ongoing research activities directed at the discovery of new anti-bacterial drugs. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

BioRelix is discovering and developing new treatments for infectious diseases that target riboswitches - an innovative class of RNA drug targets found in pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

"KALEXSYN has been a key collaborator on medicinal chemistry strategy and has provided high impact synthetic expertise to BioRelix for several years. We have a history of success with BioRelix and we are pleased to continue our collaboration with their research team," commented David Zimmermann, KALEXSYN chief executive officer.

Brian Dixon, Ph.D., chief executive officer of BioRelix, noted, "KALEXSYN is a premier provider of medicinal chemistry. We chose to work with KALEXSYN because of their expertise and their ability to fully engage in the scientific discovery process with our research team."