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LabHut Launches Cronus® HPLC Columns

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LabHut’s Cronus® HPLC columns are available in many different sizes from analytical to semi prep. Each column is individually tested before shipping to ensure the highest possible quality.

The Cronusil Triple-E HPLC columns are packed with triple end-capped silica – the packing is available in 4µm 100Å or 5µm 300Å formats thus lending itself to a wide range of applications.

Cronusil Triple-E offers a range of benefits, including a stable coating and low trace metal and silanol counts. Cronusil Triple-E has resolution with typical plate counts in excess of 85,000 per metre for the 5µm packing.

Cronus® HPLC columns are complemented by the popular range of Cronus® syringe filters for HPLC samples and the new Cronus HPLC and GC vial and cap range.