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LabVantage Introduces a Digitally Native Ecosystem To Boost Speed and Success in R&D Laboratories

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LabVantage Solutions, Inc., has made available its semantic search (AILANI), advanced analytics, and LIMS solutions in an integrated, digitally native ecosystem capable of seamlessly supporting R&D laboratory processes. This ecosystem will enable R&D labs to improve efficiency, productivity, decision-making, collaboration, and ultimately time-to-market while reducing operational cost. LabVantage will present its LIMS solutions and integrated ecosystem at Pittcon 2024 (Booth #2133), February 24-28, in San Diego, California.

Digitizing R&D laboratory processes with advanced technologies such as semantic search, analytics, and LIMS marks a significant leap towards efficiency and innovation in the scientific domain. Semantic search capabilities enable the contextualization and searchability of vast amounts of data and documents, utilizing a semantic core and knowledge graph. This technology not only streamlines information retrieval and drastically reduces repetition in experimental runs, but also enhances the decision-making process by providing more relevant and precise data insights. Some LabVantage customers have experienced a 30% reduction in repeated experiments by implementing LabVantage’s semantic search tool, AILANI.

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Integrating AI and Business Intelligence into a unified analytics platform, in tandem with LIMS, accelerates analysis and reporting. LabVantage Analytics provides analysis of both structured and unstructured data from diverse sources, integrating data processing, storage, analysis, and visualization in one platform. Its user-friendly self-service features include customizable dashboards and immediate access to LIMS data reports.

“By incorporating advanced technologies like semantic search, AI, and analytics into our LIMS solutions, we're not only enhancing data precision and reducing experimental repetition but also driving significant improvements in collaboration and experiment design. Together, these tools will be instrumental in enabling customers to design better experiments while drastically reducing the total number of experimental runs,” said Alan Marcus, Chief Growth Officer at LabVantage Solutions. “Our goal is to hand back more time to customers for scientific exploration. In fact, we believe these digitally native solutions will expand our ability to serve clients in all supported industries throughout their entire product lifecycle. Your data can now be unified, housed, searched, and analyzed within a single platform from concept to market.”

The implementation of a LIMS automates and manages laboratory workflows, significantly boosting efficiency and consistency in experiment execution. By integrating with search and analytics tools, LabVantage LIMS ensures a seamless flow of information, further elevating laboratory operations, decision- making, and collaboration. Industry statistics underscore the transformative impact of such digitization and automation with laboratories reporting up to a 30-40% increase in productivity.

LabVantage’s merger with Biomax Informatics has enhanced its analytics and LIMS solutions by integrating AILANI, an advanced semantic search tool. AILANI synergizes semantic modeling, ontologies, linguistics, and AI algorithms to revolutionize query-based research. This tool effectively connects various data sources—internal, external, and proprietary—empowering researchers to swiftly discover valuable insights and hidden patterns. It also simplifies and accelerates decision-making throughout the R&D process by offering easy access to relevant information and its context.

LabVantage Biomax was recognized in the Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Life Science Discovery Research 2023 as a Sample Vendor for two categories: ‘Semantic Knowledge Graph Tools’ and ‘Analytics Platforms for Research Informatics’. Similarly, LabVantage was ranked as a top growth and innovation leader in 2023 by Frost & Sullivan in the firm’s first annual global life sciences LIMS report and radar, highlighting LabVantage's commitment and status as a pivotal player in transforming life science research and analytics.