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LabVantage’s Professional Services Organization Grows by More Than 80%

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LabVantage Solutions, Inc., announced a significant expansion of its Professional Services Organization. Now operational globally, with new teams in South America and Asia, the organization has experienced remarkable growth, exceeding 80% over the past three years (2020-2023). This expansion reaffirms LabVantage’s commitment to delivering comprehensive, end-to-end informatics support and empowering customers to implement LabVantage LIMS solutions more efficiently and effectively.

By harnessing the combined knowledge of a globally certified team with regional specialization, LabVantage Profession Services Organization tackles key hurdles in the LIMS sector, including extended/delayed timelines and inflexible solutions, alongside the demand for a single authoritative source for Configuration, Master Data, Validation, and Training. This enables customers to streamline their LIMS deployment, accessing scalable solutions that reduce the overall time from requirement gathering to roll-out, while leveraging AI to maximize their LIMS investment.

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“We recognize the intricate demands of the life sciences industry and the specific challenges faced when implementing LIMS software. Our professional services expansion means that no matter where our customers are, we can provide them with the localized expertise and support needed to optimize their systems and processes – ultimately accelerating their time to value,” said Craig Bowie, Vice President, Professional Services, Americas at LabVantage Solutions. “In an industry where, third-party vendors often fail to meet implementation deadlines due to a lack of specialized knowledge, LabVantage aims to stand out. With more customers going live monthly, our professional services team is committed to helping customers fast-track LIMS setup, without encountering the pitfalls that typically derail implementation.”

LabVantage’s enhanced Professional Services Organization brings extensive expertise, featuring a dedicated team proficient in LabVantage software deployments, including complex global multi-site, multilanguage projects. This team’s capabilities are bolstered by industry-standard certifications such as Agile and PMP, along with deep insights of the latest and upcoming LabVantage product enhancements. The expanded global presence of LabVantage’s Professional Services is augmented by the addition of LabVantage Certifications and specialized services.