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Latest Eppendorf Advantage™ Offers

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During the promotional period, a wide range of Eppendorf’s high quality, affordable solutions, including the Eppendorf Xplorer®, epMotion®, Mastercycler® nexus gradient, HeatSealer S100, and MiniSpin® plus are being offered at a special reduced rate. Designed to deliver improved efficiency and productivity in the laboratory, Eppendorf’s solutions reach new levels of simplicity allowing work to be carried out easier and faster. 

To produce accurate reproducible results in the laboratory, a tight control over pipetting procedures is crucial. The Eppendorf Xplorer® electronic pipettes meet the need for precisely adjustable parameters, achieving the precision and reliability, whilst the Eppendorf Xplorer plus models offer exciting extras with individual programming, adjustable fixed volumes, a history function, and 5 additional pipetting modes. During the promotion single, 8 and 12 channel pipettes are available to purchase.

For PCR users, finding the right consumable to fit an assay is vital and Eppendorf’s Mastercycler nexus gradient offers the flexibility to do so. With a gradient temperature range of 30-99°C, it accommodates 96-well PCR plates, 0.2 mL PCR tube strips, and both 0.2 and 0.5 mL PCR tubes, while reducing noise and conserving energy. The Eppendorf HeatSealer S100 enables reliable assay results. It provides reliable hermetic sealing across a variety of plates, minimizes evaporation, and reduces cross-contamination.  

The MiniSpin plus microcentrifuge provides the performance and accuracy of a standard microcentrifuge, but is compact enough to be used on individual workstations. It accommodates 2 rotors, one for 12 x 1.5/2.0 mL tubes, and another for 16 x 0.2 mL PCR tubes or 2 x 8-tube strips, with a maximum speed of 14,500 rpm. The limited MiniSpin plus PCR bundle includes the centrifuge with standard rotor at a reduced rate, plus a free PCR rotor.

Finally an affordable solution to overcome the restrictions of manual multichannel pipetting, the epMotion 96 bench top pipetting system provides researchers and technicians with precise and rapid liquid handling in a 96-well format across 0.5 - 300 µL.