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Maverix Launches Maverix Dx Platform for Diagnostic Applications

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Maverix Biomics, Inc., a leading provider of analytic solutions for high throughput sequencing genomic data, today announced market availability of the Maverix Dx Platform. The Maverix Dx Platform is a cloud-based solution designed for use by clinical reference laboratories and companies that develop diagnostics and tests for a wide range of clinical and non-clinical applications.

Leveraging technologies developed and proven as part of the Maverix Analytic Platform, including a wide range of best-in-class peer-reviewed open-source algorithms, the Maverix Dx Platform also supports proprietary algorithms developed to implement specific genomic-based tests and diagnostics. Sample data is uploaded from sequencing instruments located at one or more geographic locations, such as multiple clinical or testing sites. Additional information on the test subject, ordering provider, and more can be added through integration with external Laboratory Information Management Systems. After the analysis is performed, a summary results report is generated and routed for approval by a lab director or other authorized personnel. Once approved, the reports are delivered in PDF format through a web-based Provider Portal that provides for secure selection, viewing and downloading of results. 

The Maverix Dx Platform is HIPAA compliant and is designed and implemented so that it can be part of a CLIA- clinical laboratory workflow from sample to results. As a cloud-based solution, it is not necessary to deploy complex and expensive IT infrastructure at each test location, and in addition, data and results are automatically centralized to support further research and enhancement of the diagnostics.

“By working with Maverix on a customer implementation of the Maverix Dx Platform, we found it to be well designed to be part of our client’s CLIA- clinical diagnostic workflow,” said Philip Cotter PhD, CLIA Director of Diagnomics, and Principal and Co-founder of ResearchDx, a leading Contract Diagnostics Organization, CLIA consulting firm and CLIA lab director.

The initial launch customer for the Maverix Dx Platform is Diagnomics and EDGC (Eone-Diagnomic Genome Center), a joint venture between an affliliate of Eone and Diagnomics.  Eone is the largest clinical reference laboratory located in Incheon, Korea. EDGC is using the Maverix Dx Platform to deploy a variety of forms of prenatal, cancer and genetic diseases of clinical diagnostics. 

“We evaluated many options and chose the Maverix Dx Platform as the basis for delivering our NGS-based clinical diagnostic tests,” said Min Seob Lee PhD, CEO of EDGC and president of Diagnomics. “Our experience in working with Maverix on implementing and CLIA-validating our first test confirms their reputation for providing the highest quality, highest performance analytic platforms for NGS data.”

“We recognize the growing trend toward NGS-based genomic testing and diagnostics in a variety of applications, ranging from clinical diagnostics to food safety testing,” said Byung-in Lee PhD, Vice President of Product Operations of Maverix. “The Maverix Dx Platform provides an easy, fast, and cost-effective way for reference labs and diagnostics companies to implement and deliver their tests without having to implement and deploy their own IT infrastructure.”