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Maximise PCR Success by Minimising Potential DNA

Maximise PCR Success by Minimising Potential DNA content piece image
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Syngene, a manufacturer of image analysis solutions, has announced it is now supplying the AirClean® AC600 Series of PCR Workstations. Some of the Workstations include HEPA filtration and all use UV irradiation to minimize the risk of airborne DNA contamination, saving scientists time by producing consistent quality DNA from their PCR.

Syngene’s AC600 Series PCR Workstations, which are available as Combination Workstations or Dead Air Boxes (circulation free environment), feature sturdy polycarbonate cabinets with built-in 254 nm UV lighting to irradiate surfaces and tools between PCR amplifications. The Combination Workstations include laminar flow air circulation and integrated ISO 5 HEPA filters to remove airborne contaminants. By preventing any potentially cross-contaminating DNA from being amplified and interfering with the PCR, these workstations could help to ensure more accurate results, saving scientists the time and effort of re-running experiments.

Utilizing moulded cabinets constructed without seams or joins means AC600 Workstations come fully assembled and pre-tested for use. This pre-validation combined with their ductless design allows AC600 Workstations to be plugged in straight from the box, without the time and expense of an engineer installing them.

Designed with safety in mind, AC600 Workstations have a folding sash for scientists’ protection and are controlled by a microprocessor which automatically regulates air quality (Combination Workstations) and UV dosage to maintain a clean working environment. The cabinet’s polycarbonate and polypropylene design reflects UV radiation, preventing harmful UV escaping, and its leak-proof, chemically resistant base affords easy cleaning and decontamination between PCR set-up.

In a choice of sizes (from 81cm-122cm wide), the AC600 Workstations are suitable for use in most lab spaces and for added flexibility, the HEPA filter supplied with the Combination Workstations can be exchanged for other filters.