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Milestone UltraWAVE

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The UltraWAVE features Milestone’s unique Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology in a fully automated, compact benchtop package, making it ideal for the challenges faced by today’s busy lab.

Instead of using an individual, closed reaction vessel for each sample, the UltraWAVE features a large, pressurized reaction chamber - the SRC. All samples are placed simultaneously in the SRC for microwave digestion under high temperature and pressure conditions. Identical digestion conditions are used for all samples: this allows any combination of sample types to be digested in the same run, using standard glass autosampler vials. For example, consumer products, nutraceuticals and polymer samples are digested simultaneously, greatly increasing the productivity of labs.

Benefits of the UltraWAVE with SRC technology:
•    Reaction vessel assembly/disassembly steps eliminated
•    Sample loading is a simple as loading an autosampler
•    Sample rack holds 15 x 15mL vials
•    Disposable glass or reusable quartz vials are used
•    Automated chamber closure and opening
•    Operator time is significantly reduced – by up to 4x
•    Minimal sample handling – reduced risk of contamination
•    Different sample matrices can be digested in the same run
•    Difficult samples are digested more completely
•    Smaller amounts of acid are used
•    Reaction vessel consumable costs eliminated

The UltraWAVE with SRC technology removes the limitations of conventional closed vessel
microwave digestion and makes sample preparation more efficient than ever before.