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MOgene LC Brings Fluidigm Access Array Sample Prep Technology to Its Customer Base

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"We purchased a Fluidigm Access Array System to provide high-throughput target enrichment for all major sequencing equipment," said Shaukat Rangwala, vice president, MOgene, LC. "Since 2004, MOgene has been involved with numerous sequencing projects such as transcriptomes, metagenomics and notably sequencing the oil palm genome as a member of the consortium working with Washington University and Orion Genomics. We believe adding the Access Array's capabilities will be a great addition to our sequencing offerings," Rangwala concluded.

"For almost a decade, MOgene has been providing genomics services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, academic, and government markets. We are extremely excited to have them incorporate the Fluidigm Access Array technology into their service portfolio. MOgene's focus on providing their customers with high quality genomics solutions based on industry leading technology has been a hallmark of their success in the market," said Gajus Worthington, Fluidigm president and chief executive officer.