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Multichannel Pipette Accelerates Sample Screening and Genotyping Assays

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As laboratories need to process more and more samples per day, they are facing the challenge to increase their throughput in the most efficient and economical way. Especially screening applications require handling and manipulating many samples between different formats.  Traditionally this process often involved the use of single channel pipettes which is slow, inefficient and prone to errors. 

Using INTEGRA’s VOYAGER handheld pipette, with variable tip spacing, has enabled TUM scientists to profit from the productivity of a multichannel pipette through the entire assay, processing samples a lot quicker than with a single channel pipette. Compared to the investment in a fully automated solution, the VOYAGER can be used without special training as well as providing easy access and seamless interchange between different formats of microplates and tubes. 

Genotyping biological samples using PCR is a standard practice in many TUM laboratories. Traditionally scientists have used single channel pipettes to interchange samples between PCR gels, 96-well microplates and microcentrifuge tubes - a slow, labour intensive process.  Switching to the VOYAGER handheld multichannel pipette - researchers have benefited from being able to quickly change the distance between the tips to match different PCR gel pockets. With this useful facility - TUM scientists find it easy to transfer the reaction mix from tubes or from a plate directly onto the gel.