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New Additions to AnaSpec’s SensoLyte™ MMP Product Line

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AnaSpec has announced a number of new developments to expand the scope and applications of the SensoLyte™ MMP product family. The SensoLyte™ (formerly EnzoLyte) 520 line of MMP Assay Kits is one of AnaSpec’s most popular products.

Addressing a number of gaps in its breadth of product offerings, AnaSpec has introduced two new SensoLyte™ MMP Assay Kits:  SensoLyte™ MMP-10 & MMP-14.

In response to customer inquiries about the application of MMP assay kits to various species, AnaSpec tested the SensoLyte™ 520 MMP-9 Assay Kit (Cat #71155) on its own mouse recombinant protein. The successful results demonstrate that SensoLyte™ 520 MMP-9 Assay Kit can be used to detect MMP 9 not only in human, but in mouse samples as well.

Addressing the poor substrate sequence specificity of certain members of the MMP family, SensoLyte Plus™ MMP assay kits offer a solution for researchers who need to identify the activity of a specific MMP in a complex biological sample containing multiple MMPs.

Integrating the specificity of a monoclonal antibody with the sensitivity of a fluorescence peptide substrate, SensoLyte Plus™ MMP Assay Kits detect the presence of a specific MMP in a diverse array of mediums.