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New Multi-block Alpha Cycler 4

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Capable of performing four totally independent runs simultaneously, the Alpha Cycler 4 delivers high throughput thermal cycling within a compact instrument footprint. With the ability to process high quantity protocols, thanks to its superior temperature control and accuracy, the Alpha Cycler 4 enhances the value of each PCR run while maximising available laboratory space.

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Performing high throughput PCR can be a costly and resource intensive process. The Alpha Cycler 4’s innovative ‘quad’ bay design and smart software features overcome these limitations by expediting PCR and easing operation, while delivering precise DNA amplification. Configurable in any combination of 96 to 384 well formats across its four bays, the Alpha Cycler 4 system provides a flexible platform for any sample scale and is ideally suited to high throughput, standard throughput and multiple user environments.

Advanced software features such as ‘Recently Used Programmes’ allows users to quickly access their most commonly used protocols without the need to navigate through folders to find them. A novel program wizard generates protocols based specifically from users primer sequence and template source, while individual logins ensure this time-saving feature is available to multiple users and secures user protocols to their specific login should they wish. Greater connectivity and real-time monitoring with a hand-held reporting device (such as a smart phone or tablet) then enables users to track their process to ensure that data quality never suffers. Finally active sample cooling delivers sharper and minimal non-specific amplification.

The Alpha Cycler 4 is part of the PCRmax commitment to maximise the value of PCR throughout the life science arena while maintaining the highest quality amplification.