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New Online Video Stars Brady’s Smartest Laboratory Label Printer

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Brady’s IP™ Series Printer is said to be the first industrial thermal transfer label printer to use Smart Cell technology for automatic calibration. The technology detects the loaded label and ribbon material and sets up the printer for optimal printing conditions. This capability is especially valuable in laboratories where clear and accurate sample identification is vital. A new video available on the Brady UK website shows how creating high quality laboratory labels is really as simple as Load, Click, Print.

Handwritten labels which become smudged and unreadable lead inevitably to lost or misinterpreted samples. The Brady IP Label Printer, available in 300 and 600 dpi versions, offers a complete, innovative solution: fast, durable sample identification for any laboratory.

As the new four-minute video shows, this is a fully integrated, easy-to-use printer, material and software system. Smart Cell technology enables the printer to detect which label material and ribbon have been loaded and confirm the information on the LCD screen. This ensures the correct ribbon and labels are being used together for optimal printing conditions, as any mismatch could compromise the quality of the label.

Brady informs that the company's materials have been tested to withstand all laboratory processes so it is important to use the correct label and ribbon combination. Should the printer be incorrectly loaded with mismatched materials a warning message will appear on the LCD screen. The video also demonstrates the label design process, which automatically displays the correct label template on the PC according to the materials loaded.

A quick visual survey illustrates the wide variety of materials which can be printed, including labels for straw identification, well plates, vial tops, centrifuge tubes, slides, cryo vials and tubes, glass flasks and PCR tubes. The IP Printer’s clear resolution means that small type formats remain clearly legible and up to 20 characters can be fitted onto the smallest label sizes.

Other highlights of the Brady IP Printer video include use of a scanner to speed production of additional ‘children’ sample labels, the convenience of self-laminating labels, and the ease with which Freezerbondz™ labels can be applied to already frozen tubes.