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New 'Real Time' Gene Cloning Tool Saves Time, Space & Money

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A new, self-contained Gene Cloning System which enables real-time fractionation and recovery of nucleic acids in real time has been introduced by electrophoresis specialists Cleaver Scientific (CSL).

The RunVIEW system is claimed to be the most innovative and versatile tool for gene cloning for real-time horizontal gel electrophoresis.

RunVIEW combines the flexibility and high resolution capability of the MSCHOICE system with the time and space-saving convenience of having the power supply and gel illuminator integrated within one highly compact, bench top unit.

The system includes everything except the chemicals and reagents to run horizontal SYBR and EtBr stained gels in real-time.

Using runVIEW is simple. First, cast a gel featuring two rows of wells with one matching pair of the preparatory combs supplied, before transferring the blue light transparent gel tray to the MSCHOICE tank located on the base unit.

Then, add sufficient buffer just to cover the gel and remove the combs to load the DNA samples into the upper row of wells ‘loading tier’. Replace the lid to connect the MSCHOICE tank to the integrated power supply before applying the voltage and switching on the blue LED gel illuminator.

Electrophoresis can be viewed through the bluVIEW lid’s viewing pane as the samples migrate in real-time to the second row of wells, ‘extraction tier’.

Once the DNA bands of interest enter the extraction tier, simply stop the power supply, remove the lid and harvest the DNA by pipette.

RunVIEW’s blue light enables scientists to track DNA without the detrimental effects of UV transillumination, including mutagenesis which can compromise cloning efficiency, while the system’s capacity to provide real-time visualization of electrophoresis means DNA can be tracked as it migrates through the gel.

This allows the user to judge precisely when the band of interest is ready for extraction.

Furthermore, running DNA into a well containing buffer effectively purifies the DNA of agarose, eliminating the need for time-consuming gel excision and purification techniques that can also result in sample loss.

Once harvested, the DNA need only be cleaned by a straightforward ethanol precipitation when it’s ready for further digestion or ligation.

RunVIEW removes the need for expensive pre-cast commercial gels as it works with standard EtBr, SYBR green and SYBR safe gels cast within the 15 x 7, 15 x 10 or 15 x 15cm MSCHOICE gel trays.

Finally, as a self-contained system, with the base unit housing the power supply and blue LED gel illuminator, this compact, dual-voltage and portable device allows electrophoresis, gel visualization and extraction to be performed at the bench, without the inconvenience of having to transport gels into a darkroom elsewhere in the laboratory.