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New Technology Enables Stabilization of RNA Profile in Bone Marrow with Subsequent RNA Purification

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The PAXgene™ Bone Marrow RNA System from PreAnalytiX can protect the cellular RNA profile in bone marrow at the point of collection, with integrated purification of intracellular RNA for research applications.

The system consists of PAXgene Bone Marrow RNA Tubes for stabilization, storage and transportation of human bone marrow samples, and the PAXgene Bone Marrow RNA Kit, for silica-membrane–based RNA isolation and purification in a spin-column format.

The system is designed to provide a complete preanalytical research solution from on-site stabilization to purification of high-quality RNA.

The PAXgene Bone Marrow RNA Kit provides an easy procedure for isolation and purification of intracellular RNA from human whole bone marrow samples stabilized in PAXgene Bone Marrow RNA Tubes.

The kit uses silica-membrane technology in a spin-column format for purification of intact RNA for research applications. An integrated DNase treatment ensures that genomic DNA contamination is minimized.

The PAXgene Bone Marrow RNA Kit enables isolation and purification of intracellular RNA from heterogeneous human whole bone marrow samples, including an optimized procedure for cell-rich, viscous samples.

RNA purified using the PAXgene Bone Marrow RNA Kit is ready for use in a wide range of downstream research applications, including real-time RT-PCR analysis of specific transcripts and array analysis of complex expression profiles.