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NoAb BioDiscoveries Introduces DTEx™ Gene Expression Profiling for Drug Candidates

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NoAb BioDiscoveries has announced the availability of DTEx™, a microarray-based technology for profiling the effects of drugs on the gene expression of key proteins involved in drug disposition.

As gatekeepers for many drug compounds, drug transporters along with metabolic enzymes play a critical role in determining the pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties of administered drugs. Depending on their levels in different cells, these proteins may alter intestinal uptake, renal excretion, brain penetration, or uptake of drugs into target tissues. DTEx™ examines the drug’s effects on the induction or suppression of these genes in biological systems. This information will help scientists understand potential drug-drug interactions and to select candidates for clinical development with greater efficacy and fewer side effects. NoAb has filed patent applications for the DTEx™ technology.

NoAb BioDiscoveries is now offering the following microarray-based services:

• DTEx™-ABC: gene expression profiling of the human efflux drug transporters.

• DTEx™-ADME: gene expression profiling of key human efflux and uptake drug transporters, Phase I and II metabolic enzymes, and nuclear factors.

• DTEx™-Custom: gene expression profiling of human genes selected by the client from the NoAb BioDiscoveries gene palette.

“NoAb is committed to providing high quality innovative services and products to enhance the drug discovery process”, commented Mr. Dan Lichtman, President and CEO of NoAb BioDiscoveries.

“We have combined our experience in microarray technology and our pharmacokinetics expertise to develop DTEx™. We believe that DTEx™, added to the current range of ADME-PK profiling studies, will give drug developers early indications of the effects and interactions of drug candidates, ultimately saving them time and money.”