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Norgren Systems Launches the Next Generation Gel Documentation and Marker System

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Norgren Systems, a division of AEI (Appalachian Electronic Instruments, Inc) has announced the release of the GEBR DNA Gel Marker System. Norgren will be showcasing the GEBR system at Lab Automation 2008, in Palm Springs, Booth # 389.

The GEBR system incorporates an advanced gel documentation system with an automated marking system optimizing imaging and image analysis workflow in life science laboratories reducing exposure times for delicate DNA to less than 5 seconds including digital image capture.

Once the image is captured and the bands of interest have been selected; the robotic arm marks all four corners of the selected band, sterilizing the tool between each band. The gel is imaged and marked in just a few minutes. The bands of interest are clearly visible with a white light box and can be carefully excised without causing harm to the DNA or to the user.

"We are setting new standards in innovation” said Tim Vincent, PhD, Director of Applications, at Norgren Systems. “A long standing problem in molecular biology is how to excise DNA bands from agarose gels without damaging the DNA by exposure to UV light or exposing the operator to UV light. The GEBR system provides an elegant solution to this problem while also providing an excellent gel imaging and documentation instrument."