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Nuclera eProtein Discovery System Installed at Leading Academic Institutes

Three researchers in a lab.
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Nuclera, announced it has successfully completed 11 installs of its eProtein Discovery™ system, including at leading academic institutes. Following the first launch installation at the University of Southampton1, the system has been placed in academic institutions including, University College London, University of Cambridge, University of Manchester, The Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) in Belgium, and the CRUK Cambridge Institute.

Installations of the eProtein Discovery, a protein expression optimization system, across multiple academic laboratories in the UK and Europe, follows the Company’s successful Series B financing round2. With additional installations scheduled throughout 2024, the commercial launch represents a significant milestone in providing access to the benchtop automated system.

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Custom protein reagents, required in drug discovery, are challenging to manufacture both in terms of cost and time associated. The eProtein Discovery platform overcomes this unmet need by providing rapid access to challenging proteins in a benchtop system in less than 48 hours. Accelerating drug discovery processes by up to 30x, the platform provides sequences and optimal conditions to inform protein manufacturing.

Dr Michael Chen, CEO and co-founder, Nuclera, said: “The commercial launch of our eProtein Discovery platform and placement in leading academic institutes marks a key milestone as we bring to the market a streamlined benchtop solution to accelerate protein production workflows and ultimately the drug discovery process. By launching the eProtein Discovery and reaching 11 installations to date, we are excited to see our technology aid drug development, enabling new drugs to reach the market faster to help patients with much-needed treatment.”