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PerkinElmer Introduces New NGS Library Preparation Kits

PerkinElmer Introduces New NGS Library Preparation Kits content piece image
Credit: ANIRUDH/ Unsplash
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PerkinElmer Inc. has announced three new research use only (RUO) library preparation kits: NEXTFLEX® Small RNA-Seq Kit v4NEXTFLEX® Rapid XP V2 DNA-Seq Kit and PG-Seq™ Rapid Kit v2.

The NEXTFLEX Small RNA-Seq Kit v4 delivers gel-free library prep from purified miRNA or 1ng of total RNA and exceptional miRNA discovery rates. By eliminating all gel-based steps even for limited input samples, the NEXTFLEX Small RNA-Seq Kit v4 is optimized for simplified use and easy migration onto automated liquid handling platforms. The kit can produce sequence-ready small-RNA libraries in approximately six hours and allows multiplexing of 384 samples per run using unique dual-index barcodes.

The NEXTFLEX Rapid XP V2 DNA-Seq Kit includes proprietary NEXTFLEX® normalization beads that provide a consistent mass and sequencing cluster density for all DNA samples in a library pool. This shortens the time needed for quantification and pooling preparation for sequencing by up to 3 hours per 96 samples.

The PG-Seq Rapid Kit v2 analyzes picogram quantities of DNA from an embryo biopsy for preimplantation genetic research with enhanced whole genome coverage and accuracy. Allowing up to 96 sample multiplexing, the kit includes all reagents required for cell lysis, whole genome amplification, indexing along with the PG-Find™ analysis software for automatic calling of aneuploidy and copy number variants.

“The recent launches reflect our continued commitment to remove bottlenecks in sample preparation that ultimately limit the speed of scientific discovery,” said Arvind Kothandaraman, managing director of specialty diagnostics at PerkinElmer. “The new kits eliminate some of the most pressing technical and operational pain points associated with NGS library preparation today.”