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PerkinElmer’s LabChip® NGS 3K Assay Conserves Rare Sample Types and Provides Enhanced Research Workflows

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PerkinElmer, Inc has announced the launch of its new LabChip® NGS 3K assay for genomics research. Using PerkinElmer’s LabChip platform and the NGS 3K assay, researchers will be able to quantitate DNA using very small concentrations of sample, which is especially important for rare or precious sample types where repeat sequencing is not an option. The technology is designed to save time and allows for enhanced data analysis for simplified archiving and sharing.

Scientists face significant challenges when obtaining quantifiable metrics from minute nucleic acid sample concentrations to verify purity and integrity of the sample required for applications in drug discovery, diagnostics, and genomics research. PerkinElmer’s NGS 3K assay provides a high throughput means to measure smear and fragment size distribution within the sample.

With the assay, researchers can conserve rare or precious sample types, allowing them to maximize the utility of their material. In addition, they can share their data and results with their colleagues via cloud technology for enhanced insights.

“Compared to other technology available the NGS 3K assay provides scientists a way to conserve and leverage rare samples while reducing or eliminating the time and resources involved with repeating of sequencing,” said Brian Kim, President, Life Sciences & Technology, PerkinElmer. “The combination of our LabChip platform and NGS 3K assay helps scientists best leverage extremely small sample sizes while enhancing their workflows to quickly share data and accelerate genomics research.”

PerkinElmer's LabChip instruments are supported by a comprehensive portfolio of chips and reagents designed to provide scientists with the necessary tools for analyzing nucleic acids, proteins or small molecules.

With the NGS 3K assay, scientists can use as little as 1µl of sample, with a total DNA amount as low as 25 pg/µL, minimizing sample consumption during analysis. The assay allows for accurate sizing and quantitation of sample fragments, and genomic smears used to validate the sample shearing process and NGS library generation.

Despite a small sample size, scientists can get more accurate quantitation metrics required for normalization. With this technology, rapid and flexible processing of up to 192 samples per run is possible for minimal instrument and sample preparation time.