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Personalized At-home Workouts Based on Your DNA

Personalized At-home Workouts Based on Your DNA content piece image
Credit: Sebastian Pociech via Unsplash
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DNAfit has made its at-home exercise platform free. With the nation now focused on the best ways to stay fit from their own home, the specially curated programs are designed to reflect a person’s DNA blueprint and provide a training plan that allows people across the UK to follow at-home personalized DNA workouts. This means that individuals will only have to do specific exercises relevant to their genetics, meaning faster results in a quicker time frame.

Anyone who has ever had their DNA tested will be able to access this, including those who have secured their data from DNAfit, CircleDNA, 23andMe, AncestryDNA and MyHeritageDNA. This equates to approximately half a million people in the UK, who can adjust their at-home workouts for to a training plan suited to their individual needs and requirements, according to DNAfit.

For example, someone who has a high-strength and high-power DNA reading will have a weight-focused training program. In comparison, someone who has a low-endurance and low-power DNA profile will be guided through pilates and yoga programs.

The bespoke DNAfit plans are available for those with no equipment and can be followed using detailed video and audio guides.  The exercises and various training plans have been specifically curated by a team of top sports scientists and geneticists to ensure users get the best results.

Using tried and tested sports science principles, the plans are available for both Muscle Building and Fat Burning goals.