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PolarSafe™ Mini PCR Cardboard Cryo Boxes

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Argos Technologies is a U.S. manufacturer of liquid handling, consumable plasticware, cryogenic storage, and benchtop equipment for research laboratories.  They have been producing manufacturing solutions for science for over 11 years.

The new PolarSafe™ boxes are designed to hold single PCR tubes or strips of 8.  The 1” height of the box prevents tubes from falling down inside the grids.  These space saving little boxes hold (64) 0.2mL tubes.  

To maximize storage utility two of the boxes can be stacked inside each slot in vertical freezer racks used for 2” mini boxes. Such racks are used inside chest freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks.

The dimensions of the boxes are 3 x 3 x 1.”

Since 2003 Argos has been developing and producing unique products for life science researchers.  Their products are sold through laboratory supply distributors worldwide.