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Providing End-to-End Genomic Solutions for Plant Research and Development

Providing End-to-End Genomic Solutions for Plant Research and Development content piece image
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Arbor Bioscience and Curio Genomics have announced an expansion of their existing partnership at the 28th International Plant and Animal Genome conference in San Diego. The enhanced partnership promises to deliver a host of additional first-in-class products and solutions to the plant research and development community in commercial, as well as, nonprofit foundations, consortia, and academic institutions.

The multiyear partnership aims to leverage the expertise and experience of each company to deliver cutting-edge, robust and comprehensive products for customers; Arbor Biosciences in NGS with novel advanced synthesis chemistry and catalog and custom targeted sequencing panels and Curio Genomics with experience in big-data commercial software platforms designed from the beginning for limitless scalability and extensibility, essential for genomic research with larger data sets, new types, and greater demand to integrative analyses each year.

The companies’ announcement included immediate plans to expand their existing and acclaimed wheat exome and complete genome analysis solution by fully integrating their current offerings by mid-2020 with new capabilities for wheat researchers, such as support for RNA-Seq and methylation analysis, to be released later in 2020, and over the course of the multiyear partnership. The companies also announced immediate plans to co-develop products for additional species beyond wheat and will disclose these product plans at a later date.