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QIAGEN Introduces Two new Solutions for Automated Sample Purification

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QIAGEN has announced the introduction of QIAsymphony SP, a purification system that offers medium- to high-throughput laboratories a combination of a broad application range and flexible processing with full sample traceability. QIAsymphony SP is the first module of a new series of instruments that can be integrated to automate entire workflows — from sample to assay.

Today’s laboratories increasingly perform analyses on a variety of starting materials using several molecular methods. This requires flexible purification solutions that are compatible with downstream processes. High-quality sample preparation is the most challenging procedure in any molecular analysis, since any inconsistencies will be amplified in subsequent steps.

According to QIAGEN, the QIAsymphony SP is designed to meet an increasing demand for flexible workflows. The system is able to handle an extensive variety of starting materials, such as blood, respiratory samples, tissues, and cultured cells, and uses proprietary QIAGEN magnetic-particle chemistry.

The instrument is preinstalled with dedicated protocols for purification of proteins, RNA, DNA, and viral and bacterial nucleic acids that deliver high analyte quality.

QIAsymphony SP allows use of sample volumes up to 1 ml and enables continuous loading of sample racks for increased workflow flexibility. The system can satisfy a wide variety of throughput needs, from a few samples a day up to a few hundred.

Laboratories also benefit from prefilled reagent cartridges and convenient touchscreen operation. Cutting-edge technology provides inventory control and full process documentation maximizing ease of use and safe operation.

“With its unique combination of a broad application range with flexible processing and full sample traceability QIAsymphony SP sets a new milestone in automated sample technologies. It more than meets the needs of today’s laboratories,” said Dr. Wolfgang Leibinger, Global Business Director of Automated Systems at QIAGEN.

QIAGEN has also introduced the EZ1-Advanced — a low-throughput alternative for nucleic acid purification. This new platform is an improved version of the already widely used BioRobot EZ 1. Several new features are incorporated that provide advanced safety and documentation.

For example an improved design allows the unit to be stored in a laminar-flow cabinet and an ultraviolet (UV) lamp decontaminates the inner surface of the workstation. EZ1 Advanced offers a proven, automated sample- purification method for non-research settings such as molecular diagnostics, human identity testing, and veterinary control.