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QIAGEN Launches Assays for miRNA Research, Gene Silencing and DNA-Methylation Analysis

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From now on researchers can find ready-to-use QIAGEN assays and reagents that allow the customization of experiments based on the gene of interest. On GeneGlobe®, QIAGEN’s web portal, customers can explore and order gene and pathway specific products for a range of applications, the Company has announced.

For miRNA research, the miScript Target Protector is available for researchers doing functional analysis of miRNAs. The new FlexiTube siRNA Premix allows convenient one-step gene silencing in low-throughput applications for analysis of gene function.

For DNA-metyhylation analysis, the PyroMark™ CpG and Custom Assays are available using Pyrosequencing technology. In addition, the PyroMark™ OneStep RT-PCR Kit enables the reverse transcription and subsequent amplification of RNA samples in the same tube.

Altogether, there are more than 400 pathways available for a wide variety of organisms. “GeneGlobe combines state-of-the-art algorithms and access to the most updated information from scientific databases so scientists can build experimental success,” says Dr. Janina Lehmann, QIAGEN’s Director Global Business Gene Expression & Function. “This allows us to offer the broadest portfolio in sample and assay technologies for gene and pathway analysis in the market and provide assays that are validated and ready-to-use.”