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QIAGEN Launches Kit for DNA Quantification in Forensic Samples

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QIAGEN launches the Investigator™ Quantiplex Kit, designed to quickly confirm that forensic DNA samples contain sufficient DNA for genetic fingerprinting analysis. The kit quantifies the human DNA in the sample and establishes whether it contains inhibitors that may interfere with downstream applications.

DNA quantification with the Investigator Quantiplex Kit is based on real-time PCR. It provides highly accurate data in less than 50 minutes with the Rotor-Gene® Q thermocycler but is also compatible with other instruments. Most important, the kit provides faster results than any other kit on the market.

Reliable results are ensured by employing the appropriate target sequence and an integrated internal control that tests for successful amplification or PCR inhibition. The overall sensitivity is less than 1 pg/μl. The procedure also is automatable on the QIAgility® system for rapid, high-precision automated PCR setup.

The Investigator Quantiplex kit provides the quickest results and enables a higher accuracy than is found with total DNA quantification. External scientific partners validated the marker for the real-time PCR. No copy-number variation has been detected between genders or across populations, making this marker an ideal target for DNA quantification.

The assay completes the forensic workflow offering at QIAGEN from sample extraction solutions optimized for forensic samples, as well as advanced assay setup and detection platforms tailored to different throughput and application needs in the laboratory.