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QIAGEN’s TopTaq™ DNA Polymerase Combines new Fridge Storage for PCR Application

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QIAGEN’s new TopTaq™ DNA Polymerase combines a number of features to provide high product yields in a wide range of end-point PCR applications. The benefits of TopTaq DNA Polymerase include fridge storage for immediate reaction setup, room temperature handling, and a single preoptimized protocol suitable for all PCR assays.

TopTaq DNA Polymerase storage buffer contains a stabilizer that binds to the enzyme preventing inactivation. This feature allows enzyme storage at 4°C and reaction set up without the use of ice.

The buffer formulation and single preoptimized protocol eliminate the need for optimization of experimental parameters for individual-primer template systems. High yields of specific amplification product are achieved, even when amplifying a range of different sized products using the same Mg2+ concentrations and annealing temperatures.

TopTaq DNA Polymerase comes with CoralLoad™ Concentrate, which can be optionally added for immediate loading of amplified products onto a gel. Q-Solution is also provided for improved amplification of GC-rich templates.