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Rainin TerraRack™ Ideal for PCR Core Facilities

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The laboratory, part of the School of Veterinary Medicine, performs molecular diagnostic assays for veterinary practices across the US – as well as nucleic acid extraction and qPCR for external research studies – relying on high quality Rainin pipettes and BioClean™ tips to ensure accurate pipetting and sample security. Lab Manager Samantha Mapes explained: "We have been using Rainin Pipet-Lite™ single- and multi-channel pipettes for around 12 years, and have always been very happy with both the accuracy and ergonomics." 


"As a Core Facility, we go through very large numbers of tips, and recycling is a very important issue for businesses here in California. METTLER TOLEDO suggested we try the Rainin TerraRack tip racks to reduce the faculty's waste disposal, and they've been ideal for us. They are much lighter and easier to recycle than traditional tip racks and, despite not looking as sturdy, they have stood up to day-to-day activities very well. We haven't managed to crack or collapse a single rack yet, even though we don't use the TerraBase™ holders most of the time. Each box of tips arrives pre-sterilized, and the lid design prevents contamination, even if the tips remain in storage for several months, which is obviously an important consideration in a PCR lab. Overall we've been very impressed, and one of our part-time technicians has already begun switching another lab she works in to TerraRack tip boxes."