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Rainin TerraRack Reduces Plastic Tip Box Waste

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Mettler Toledo has announced the launch of its new Rainin TerraRack line of pipette tip racks - an innovative solution to minimizing the problem of plastic tip rack waste. TerraRacks are 50 percent lighter than conventional tip racks, highly compressible when empty and completely recyclable.

TerraRacks are composed largely of PETE (polyethylene terephthalate), an exceptionally strong polyester that's easy to recycle and in high demand as a post-waste commodity. The TerraRack shell, with its hinged lid and front latch, is molded as a single PETE unit, making it exceptionally lightweight. A polypropylene tip deck snaps into the shell, adding structural support with minimal weight.

TerraRacks solve a major problem in labs around the world: what to do with used racks? Spent conventional racks can consume a large volume of space and represent a significant amount of plastic waste. Where disposal rates are based on weight, they're also a considerable expense. TerraRacks on the other hand have less than half the weight and plastic of conventional racks and, after use, nest inside one another, significantly reducing their volume and disposal costs.

Because every rack is pre-sterilized, individually wrapped and sealed for maximum purity, TerraRacks do not need to be autoclaved. Between uses, the hinged lid and secure latch protect unused tips from damage and exposure.

For those who like the weightier, more conventional tip rack feel there's TerraBase, a durable, reuseable base for TerraRack. Made from translucent polycarbonate and with silicone feet, TerraBase is autoclavable, chemical resistant and built to give years of service.

TerraRacks with Rainin BioClean tips are available for both universal-fit pipettes and those equipped with the LTS LiteTouch System. Options include non-filter, filter and ShaftGard. TerraBase is available in short and tall models to fit a variety of tip volumes. All TerraRack tips are presterilized.