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Reliable Automated Removal of Microplate Seals

The Automated Plate Seal Remover from Azenta Life Sciences.
Credit: Azenta Life Sciences.
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The Automated Plate Seal Remover from Azenta Life Sciences is the ideal product for labs faced with repetitively removing microplate seals while preserving sample integrity.


Designed as an automated system, the Automated Plate Seal Remover holds the plate down whilst the seal is peeled away, eliminating cross-contamination issues that are common when using manual seal removal techniques. The operating mode of the system also minimizes plate or seal damage, and an integrated seal removal verification feature reduces plate handling errors.

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Reliably removing seals from a wide range of microplate types at the single touch of a button, the Automated Plate Seal Remover is proven to increase your productivity by up to 200 plate seal removals per hour. At the core of this unique product is a patented seal removal mechanism. The Automated Plate Seal Remover uses a novel tape removal medium which eliminates the need for mechanical removal mechanisms that are often prone to failure. The result is a robust and reliable automated system that can be relied on to perform flawlessly time after time.


The Automated Plate Seal Remover can be used manually or integrated into automated systems with external robotics.