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Revvity Introduces New Workflow to Accelerate Newborn Sequencing Research

Double helix structure of DNA.
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Revvity, Inc. announced the introduction of a flexible end-to-end workflow solution for newborn research, enabling users to utilize different instruments, reagents and databases based on a lab’s needs.

“This new workflow from Revvity seeks to elevate the customer experience by leveraging a rich variant database for newborn sequencing research and providing critical components necessary to be able to go from sample to result,” said Madhuri Hegde, PhD, FACMG, SVP and chief scientific officer, Revvity. “We are accelerating the democratization of genomic sequencing by addressing the typical challenges faced by labs.”

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The research-use only (RUO) offering from Revvity culminates in analysis and report, covering essential steps in the sequencing process. The solution enables identification of variants in more than 350 genes, complemented by a large database of carefully pre-curated variants. The offering includes dried blood spot collection and processing devices, Chemagic™ kits and instruments for nucleic acid extraction, liquid handlers and reagents for library preparation, VICTOR2™ D Instrument for sample quality control, and software capabilities. The workflow is compatible with the Element AVITI™ system and other leading NGS platforms.

For labs interested in outsourcing the workflow, Revvity’s Clinical Genomic Services provides solutions from delivery of a sample collection kit to final report, or the flexibility to access sequence data or report only to augment the customer’s in-house capabilities.