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RNeasy® Plus Mini Kit — With gDNA Eliminator Columns

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Qiagen has announced the launch of RNeasy Plus Mini Kit. The kit is designed to integrate fast and convenient RNA purification with effective elimination of genomic DNA contamination. 

The kit is compatible with animal cells and 'easy-to-lyse tissues' and provides purified RNA that is suited for sensitive downstream applications such as quantitative, real-timeRT-PCR.

Genomic DNA contamination is effectively eliminated through the use of gDNA Eliminator spin columns in combination with an optimized lysis buffer.  Cell or tissue lysates are centrifuged through the spin columns, which rapidly and selectively remove genomic DNA from the lysates.

No lengthy DNase digestions are required. High and reproducible yields of total RNA are achieved through the combination of Buffer RLT Plus and RNeasy spin columns.  The buffer provides optimal lysis conditions, ensuring the release of all RNA in the sample.

RNeasy spin columns bind total RNA with high efficiency, allowing stringent washes to remove contaminants prior to elution. Qiagen claims that, the purified RNA is of high quality and ready to use in sensitive applications, such as real-time RT-PCR, and also in standard applications.