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Scie-Plas Announces Major Partnership with SERVA

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Scie-Plas is now sole UK distributor for SERVA electrophoresis reagents: solid gel media, gel solutions, precast gels, ready-to-use buffers and solutions, as well as stains, dyes and markers.

Based in Heidelberg, Germany, SERVA Electrophoresis Gmbh has over 50 years’ experience in supplying high quality reagents for life science research. All SERVA electrophoresis products are subject to stringent quality control, supported by constant application testing.

According to Dick Barker, Scie-Plas Chairman, ‘SERVA’s innovative products and proven track record in manufacturing the highest quality electrophoresis chemicals can only add yet more kudos to Scie-Plas. Therefore this is a very significant partnership announcement, underlining our position as a leading supplier to the electrophoresis and life science markets.”

”We are particularly pleased to be able to offer SERVAgel™ precast gels as an accessory to our new-style TV100 mini vertical gel electrophoresis unit, as well as SERVALYT™ PRECOTES™ and PreNet™ IEF gels and I.P.G strips, which have been optimised for our new 2-D and IEF systems.’

The Scie-Plas ‘Green Range’ of electrophoresis products has been designed by scientists for scientists over a period of more than twenty years.  Scie-Plas is constantly incorporating new ideas into its products, ideas of both researchers and manufacturing engineers.

The result is a range of electrophoresis products which are not only user-friendly but also safe. All Scie-Plas products are manufactured to the latest CE safety standards and carry the CE logo of compliance.

The product range includes Horizontal and Vertical Gel Tanks, Blotters, Gel Dryers, Power Supplies, PCR Sterilisation Cabinets, and a Gel Documentation System. In addition, the Scie-Plas Isoelectric Focusing Unit can run SERVALYT PRECOTES and PreNet IEF gels and I.P.G strips, all now available through Scie-Plas.