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Sigma-Aldrich Launches Glycoprofile Flag-Phosphine and new Azido Labeled Sugars

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Sigma-Aldrich has announced the launch of the Glycoprofile™ FLAG® Phosphine and new azido labeled sugars, enabling sensitive and selective characterization of glycan biosynthesis.

The technology employs a modified-Staudinger ligation chemistry providing a powerful bio-orthogonal approach to explore glycoprotein metabolism.

Effective methods to track synthesis and characterize carbohydrate moieties in model organisms is a well recognized need in the biomarker discovery community. Glycans are responsible for much of the structural variation in biologic systems, and their representation within and on cell surfaces is commonly called the "glycome."

"Researchers increasingly recognize the potential for breakthroughs in healthcare through glycomics by studying carbohydrates, their supporting proteins and respective interactions," said George Lipscomb, Market Segment Manager for Proteomics.

The GlycoProfile FLAG-Phosphine and azido-sugars Man-Naz, Glc-Naz and Gal-Naz enable systemic incorporation in carbohydrate synthesis. Subsequent labeling and detection employs the extensive FLAG platform of complementary reagents available through Sigma-Aldrich. Each component is available separately allowing for flexibility in user defined applications.